Buy The Best Smart Home Hub For Your Smart Home

Smart devices for your home have been increasingly accepted for the ease that they bring to life. As you buy more and more of these devices, it becomes tedious to operate each one of them separately. To solve this problems, electronics manufacturers are now making centralized locations known as hubs, to control your home devices from. The major problem facing consumers, is to now decide the best smart home hub to buy for their homes.

Our extensive research on home hubs lead us to surprising results. Little known brands have the power and ease to comfortably allow you to integrate as many device brands as possible and control your house with ease from anywhere in the world.

   Best smart home hub of 2020  

Here is what we discovered from our research.

Best Smart Home Hub of 2020 in Market today

Vera Smart Home Hub

This is the best smart home hub you can buy for your home. The Vera smart home controller is appealing to the eyes and, also easy to use. It is also quite affordable as you can acquire a hub for as little as $100.

The first thing you notice about this hub is how easy it is to install. You will not need any help to set it up and connect your devices to it. Where you have limited technical capabilities, you can always call them for assistance. Their customers have left numerous reviews of how helpful their support desk is. I am sure it will be no different for you.

You may have acquired numerous smart devices for your home and are now wondering how to control all of them from a single hub. Vera is here for you. It is among the leading smart home controllers that easily integrate devices of different brands. Its manufacturer, Ezlo, is a leading Internet of Things device producer which advocates for the integration of all smart devices developed in the world.

It is easy to use and access. It has a mobile app that allows you to access all your devices with access to the hub from wherever you are in the world.

Further, Vera is available in three types of hubs. One is a highly advanced and suited for security purposes, an advanced home controller and a basic home controller. You can therefore choose whichever you feel suits your needs as a home automation system.

Amazon Echo Dot

This is another smart home system that you can acquire. It is highly popular and much more affordable at only $49.  You can connect a few of your devices on the Echo. It can help you control lights, and other smart home devices. It is however limited on the number of brands that it can integrate with.

As a voice-controlled device, it can hear you call it but you have to be within its vicinity to control it. It can only connect to another device over WIFI, while Vera can easily use Bluetooth, Z-Wave and ZigBee.

Google Home Hub

The Google Home smart device control hub is also another hub you can consider. As a homeowner, you will have peace of mind just as with Vera as you can easily access and control the hub through a mobile app.

Another capability that makes the Google Home hub attractive, is that it can integrate with as many devices of different brands just like Vera. This takes away the headache of having some smart devices that cannot be accessed for easy and quick control.  Further, with this hub, you can easily connect with your devices on Bluetooth and WiFi. Making it quite easy and convenient to use and operate.

Samsung SmartThings Hub

The Samsung SmartThings hub is an advance home smart device control hub. It is also easily accessed via a mobile app. With your security system connected to this app. You do not have to worry as it will send you alerts in case anything out of the ordinary happens while you are away.

It is a convenient hub as you can schedule your devices to work or do certain things at certain times for example, you can schedule for the controller to ensure that it switches on the lights when its dusk automatically. 

It also connects on WIFI, Bluetooth and ZigBee for different brands of your devices.


From our survey of popular home hubs, we found out and highly recommend Vera as the best smart home hub for your home. You can integrate numerous brands with it and you have a variety of controllers from which you can choose one that suits your needs.

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