Oh, yes, congratulations for possessing a goggle home device because it is a device that is out of this world. A google home is a device that allows s users to speak commands to connect with services through google assistant

Google home mini arrived in the market a few years ago so you are forgiven if you are not yet conversant with how some of its features work.

Google home speakers produce a great sound but for the best audio experience, you can pair your google home to the blue tooth speaker and do so much for you like; Find your phone when you misplace it, play news on your TV, set you a sleep timer, and turn your TV on and off. You see, it’s pretty fun to own one. And here is how to set up Bluetooth on google home mini.

Step 1 Allow Bluetooth pairing 

 Tap on the three-dot menu at the upper right corner on your google home device’s setting.

Step 2 look for the device 

Activate the pairing mode just like you do with all your devices that have Bluetooth.

Step 3 Connect and enjoy to the fullest 

Now that you know how to set up Bluetooth on goggle home mini, let’s talk about how you can automate your home so that you’ll never have to worry about small things like lights that need to be switched on and off, or unlocked doors.

Home automation means that you can use the internet to control the features and utilities of your home regardless of where you are on the globe.

Home automation refers to a network of communication, hardware and electronic interfaces that fuses everyday devices with each other through the internet. These devices have sensors and are connected through wifi so it is possible for you to control them wherever you are.

The home automation system has three elements:  controllers sensors, and actuators.

Sensors -monitor changes in temperature, daylight, or motion detection.  The home Automation systems adjust settings to your taste

Controllers allude to the devices — personal computers, smartphones or tablets — used to receive and send messages about the status of the automated features in your residential home.

Actuators are light switches or motorized valves that manage the actual functionality of a home automation system. They are arranged to be activated by a remote directions from a controller.

 For this post, I’ll talk about two of them. Vera and ezlo


Vera is one of the best automation devices you want in your home. It has features that can take your home automation system to a whole new level. It can help you set the right mood for the day.

Wondering how?

If you don’t want to have a romantic night with bright overhead lights, you can use vera to tone down the brightness, turn them off or change color.  Now that’s incredible!

As if that’s not enough already, vera can help you get the right music. For that ideal romantic evening, if you want that slow background music, that can soothe your soul and make your imagination run wild, and help you forget your miseries, even if it’s just for a moment, go for vera.

If you want to dance yourself lame, like that crazy teen in your hood, Vera is there just for you. It’s Yours for the asking. All you do is ask goggle home or your amazon echo.

Vera has cameras that are connected by wifi, have a built-in microphone, is night vision enabled up to 16feet, auto records because they are based on motion detection and can be accessed remotely via android apps.

Vera’s controllers’ controls more than 200 devices, works without an internet connection, sends individualized notifications and Pre-set scenes with one-touch notification. Enough said!


Ezlo is one of the best home automation systems.

Its goal is to provide an automated quick fix to everyday tasks by providing innovative smart devices into your residential home. It has products that help compatibility and connectivity with a large number of technologies and manufacturers, eg Fortrezz and Vera Control. Ezlo aims to make home automation more available and affordable.

Ezlo is interactive. It speaks to you to let you know the condition of your home. It is your virtual assistant. IT has all the features of a smart home automation hub.

Keep an eye on your home wherever you are in the world. Arm yourself with vera or Ezlo and let them do all the work, including catching thugs in the act.

How to Chagne Wifi Google Home

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