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Google Assistant is a beautiful intelligent technology that one can communicate with via voice to fulfill lots of our wishes. Besides, you can learn how to use Google Assistant to turn on TV.

Google Assistant is inbuilt in all Android products. Many other hardware manufacturers are also integrating Google Assistant into their products. As such, you will find that you interact with many products that run Google Assistant. 

With a smart TV that is compatible with Google Assistant, you can turn on your TV from the Google Assistant.

There are three different ways that you can turn on TV with Google Assistant.

Turn on your Android TV with Google Assistant

Android TVs run on the Android operating system. Android is owned by Google and therefore it will be much easier for the Google home TV commands to be easily obeyed.

For an Android TV it is quite easy to turn it on and off with Google Assistant. First, ensure that your TV and Google Assistant are on the same WIFI network. This makes it easy for them to see each other and communicate with each other.

Next ensure that the Google Assistant and the TV are connected. From here, all you need is to give your command into your Google Assistant or TV remote that has a Google Assistant connected to your TV.

When all these conditions are met, you can now turn on your TV with your Google Assistant. All you need to do is use your voice and command “Hey Google, switch on the TV.” And just like that, you have turned on your TV with Google Assistant.

Turn on your TV with Google Chromecast

For those without an Android TV, you can still use Google Assistant to power up your TV.

A Google Chromecast, is a device that helps you to connect your Google Assistant with other devices that you can control from your Google Assistant.

With a Google Chromecast, it is possible to turn on your TV through Google Assistant.

To connect your TV and your Chromecast, your TV must have a HDMI-CEC port or any other kind of port that supports the Chromecast. The Chromecast has to be plugged in to the TV to ensure that the TV can connect with the Google Assistant.

To use the Chromecast, seek out the CEC option. With this option activated, you can now connect your Chromecast to your TV. From your Google Assistant, select a video that you want to stream on your TV. 

At this point, if your TV is off, it will cause your TV to turn on automatically.

Ensure that your Chromecast is charged at all times to easier streaming. For most TVs, when the TV is on, the Chromecast charges.

Turn on your TV directly from the Google Assistant

The third method of turning on your TV with the Google Assistant is, directly. This time, you do not need your remote or a Chromecast to turn on your TV.

With a Google Assistant, you can now turn on your TV with your voice commands. 

With the Google Assistant, you can now turn on your TV quickly. First, ensure that your TV and your Google Assistant can easily connect. When this is done, it is now much easier to turn on your TV through the power of your voice.

With your Google Assistant on and within your voice range, you can command that it switch on your TV. 

By being on the same network, you can name your TV differently from its brand. When you use the Google Assistant, you can command it to turn on TV by the name that you have saved it in the local system.

Once your TV is on, you can now play Netflix or You Tube by commanding the Google Assistant to change channels or to play music on other apps that are compatible with it.

The Google Assistant has made it easier for you to enjoy your TV viewing. You do not have to know where your remote is to sit down and relax ready to stream your favorite movies and TV programs.

Once you are done enjoying your TV viewing, with a single voice command, you can shut down your TV with the Google Assistant.


With a Google Assistant in your house, you can enjoy your entertainment much easily. Google Assistant ensures that you can control all your devices at home easily just by the sound of your voice. With the Google Assistant you can easily switch on your TV at the comfort of your couch at the power of your voice.

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