Google Home productshave to make use of the cloud because that is where such devices derive their capability as well as Google programming. The Google Home Mini is one such device. It requires either an internet connection or a Wi-Fi connection.

I bet you have you come across this, on your screen—wheneverall of yourconnections are not working or if you have a connection that cannot stably run the Google Home Mini.

Problem connecting

Please check if you are online

Try again

For a reason or the either, you may be unable to connect to any of the two —internet or Wi-Fi. What is the alternative, then? your mobile phone’s internet becomes the solution. Besides, you can use Google Ethernet adapter as your new Wi-Fi. Let’s see how each of the two is possible.

Use Your Phone’s Connection

First, ensure the motor, and the radio of your Google Home is off. You require your phone and a second device. The second device should be in a position to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal while it is connected to a cellular network.

Turn on the hotspot of your phone. Then, share the internet connection by broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal. To continue, take your second device. Go to the Wi-Fi section. Look for the Wi-Fi signal from your phone, then search for the credentials that you obtained from your phone’s connection.

After this, add these credentials in and make sure your second device is connected to your phone. Soon, move to Google Home app,set up devices or tap on + button then select your Google Home Mini. During this process, you are connecting the app to the Wi-Fi that your phone is broadcasting.

Once the connection is successful, the Google Home app will indicate “Connected.” At this stage, your Google Home Mini is ready for use. However, the connection may not be stable hence not suitable for watching videos.

Using Google Ethernet Adapter

Google Home lacks an ethernet connection. For this reason, it will require Wi-Fi to operate. However, the best alternative to a Wi-Fi connection is the Google Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast.  You are able to use the Chromecast adapter because Chromecast and Google Home have similar hardware.

Your Google Home Mini has a micro-USB port, at the covered back of it. To start the connection, plug in the micro-USB in your Google Home Mini, followed by plugging in a Y-cable into the micro-USB. One part of the Y-cable should be connected to the USB Power Supply.

Join the other end of Y-cable to a Female which is then connected to the Ethernet adapter. Once the connection is complete, you will see Ethernet lights up showing that the connection is successful.

Then, you are able to use the Google Home mini. Again, you are able to play audio, videos as well as send inquiries to the device — Google Home Mini. However, the privacy and security of this method is not guaranteed, besides other cons;

  • Any user of the connection can see and even control your Google Home mini.
  • Streaming music will cause your connection to frequently halt.
  •  In case your Google Home Mini breaks down, Google will not repair it for you. This is because this way of connection is not supported. According to the company, the recommended way of connecting Google Home mini is by using Wi-Fi.

Still on how to use Google Home mini without Wi-Fi is using it offline. Although Google Home needs an internet connection to function, Google Home Mini can receive some commands offline. Examples of such commands are:

“Hey Google, play my Music” though the music should have been downloaded into your music gallery.

 However, this method may not be effective in some devices. Again, voice recognition may not be accurate without a data connection.

Bottom line,

In case you lack a Wi-Fi connection, or your WAN connection has suddenly broken down, you may miss a lot. Nevertheless, you don’t need to miss your Google Home Mini. You can try connecting your device via your phone’s hotspot or broadcast.

Apart from this, you should try connecting your Google Home mini through an ethernet adapter for Chromecast. Finally, you can still utilize the unlimited offline commands of your device.

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